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Customizable Treatment Calendar

MM appointments and treatment schedules can get complicated. Help patients stay organized with up to 5 treatments/appointments with this customizable calendar you
can email or print.

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Downloadable Resources

The following downloadable resources are intended to assist you in helping your patients understand multiple
myeloma and their treatment options.

Understanding Multiple Myeloma

This resource can help your patients get an overview of multiple myeloma and understand how it affects the body.

How Treatment Might
Make You Feel

Help your patients learn what to expect from multiple myeloma treatments and how their healthcare providers will keep track of adverse events.

Understanding Your Blood Tests

Use this resource to help your patients understand why regular blood tests are important and how these tests help determine how multiple myeloma affects them.

Understanding Your Lab Results

This resource can help patients discover what blood and other lab tests are important for diagnosing and monitoring multiple myeloma.

Stem Cell Transplant Overview

Use this resource to help patients understand what happens during a stem cell transplantation procedure and if it may be an option for them.

CAR T Cell Therapy Overview

Use this resource to help patients understand what happens during the CAR T cell therapy process.

Additional Resources

Patients need all the support they can get; this resource is a list of organizations appropriate for those living with multiple myeloma.

Doctor Discussion Guide

It’s important that patients are able to speak honestly in order to get appropriate care. This resource can help start that conversation.

Printable Calendar

Offer this treatment calendar to your patients so they can stay organized.

Standing in the Gaap
Patient Brochure

Use this brochure to help your African-American patients understand how multiple myeloma might affect them differently than patients of other races.